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Who are we?

Today’s world of marketing has arrived at a fascinating junction, one in which AI edge technologies and machine learning help neuromarketing, psychology, and behavioral economics understand consumer behavior.

We exist at the very center of this junction, connecting technology with psychology, automation with individual choice, and data with content that motivates consumers to act.

What do we do?

Inbound Productions provides smart technological solutions for marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, and data challenges in the digital world. Content platforms such as websites and landing pages, applicative tools for user engagement, marketing-automation systems, and customized systems for consumer research and data optimization—these are just some of the products we develop and produce for our clients, both businesses and organizations in a range of industries and fields.

Our People

Inbound Productions was founded by marketing and digital-technology experts Bat Adler and Gil Slovik, who work with a team of leaders in the data, UX, programming, and development fields.

Gil Slovik

After a career as an intellectual-property attorney for major international clients, Gil founded The Grinder, one of Israel’s leading digital-content creation companies for businesses and organizations. Today, he is recognized as a national thought leader in the field of digital content, consumer behavior, and consumer psychology.

Gil believes in creating win-win situations in which brands provide added value to consumers and consumers reciprocate through brand loyalty. He established Inbound Productions together with his partner, Bat Adler, in order to offer clients in Israel and abroad the benefits of smart technology applied to the world of marketing.

Bat Adler

Through her seven years’ experience as content manager for The Grinder, Bat honed her expertise in managing large-scale and time-sensitive projects for a range of clients and budgets, as well as her knowledge of consumer psychology, marketing-funnel management, and data analysis.

Bat brings a background in digital technology to the world of marketing, leading the emerging marketing-automation and personalized-marketing movements both in Israel and around the world. She aspires to provide brands and businesses with innovative and more effective means of managing their conversations with consumers.